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National Squads

National cheer squads, available for individuals in grades 3-12, attend competitions throughout the Midwest as well as one national championship in DisneyWorld every other year.  Our Seniors cheer teams attend UCA Nationals in Orlando every year.

Practice for these squads is generally 4 hours per week during the summer with an additional 1 hour tumbling class added during the school year.  Most teams have one weekend and weeknight practice each week during the school year.  Additional practices are often called prior to competitions.

The general fee structure for national cheer squads is:


$180 per month gym fees
Approx. $600-$800 uniforms/practice wear*
$960 – 1,230 activity fee**
*Higher amount for senior team members.
** Activity fee is paid in 6 installments and covers competition fees; camp, choreography & music expenses; booster club spirit and year-end activites.
The national competition in Orlando, Florida is an additional cost estimated to be approximately $600 per person plus airfare.  Most children are accompanied by at least one adult family member; however, senior team members are encouraged to travel without a parent to save money.

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