Indiana Elite offers various types and levels of tumbling from toddlers just starting to walk to athletes with years of experience and training. Let us know how we can help your athlete develop.

preschool rumbling

Recreational Tumbling

Classes meet once a week for one hour, operating in 8-week sessions at a cost of $200 for the 8 weeks. There is a $60 annual registration to be a member of the gym. One makeup is allowed per session. A written evaluation on skills progress is provided for each tumbler at the end of every session.

There is no need to start at the beginning of a session. We will prorate from whatever week you join. Sessions operate back to back throughout the year for continuous skill development.

For tumblers with existing skills (mastery of back walkover or back handspring) we ask that you come for an evaluation for placement in the proper level class. There is no charge for the evaluation and we will help choose a class at that time. Please call to schedule.

Beginning Tumbling

M:          4:00 PM                              Krista
M:          5:00 PM – ages 5&6         Brian
M:          6:00 PM                             Steffi
M:          7:00 PM                            Gomez/Steff
M:          8:00 PM – 10 y/o & up  Lexi/Gomez
TU:         4:00 PM – ages 5-6       Macie
TU:         5:00 PM                          Marcie
TU:         5:00 PM – ages 5-6       Steffi/Macie
TU:         7:00 PM                          Brian
TU:         8:00 PM – 10 y/o & up Brian
W:          4:00 PM                           Brian
W:          6:00 PM – ages 5-6        Krista
W:          7:00 PM                           Steffi/Gomez
W:          8:00 PM – 10 y/o & up  Katelyn
TH:         4:00 PM                          Brian
TH:         5:00 PM – ages 5-6       Krista
TH:         6:00 PM                          Tori
TH:         8:00 PM – 10 y/o & up  Katelyn

Learning Backwalkovers

M:        6:00 PM                    Bre
M:        7:00 PM                    Bre
M:        8:00 PM – 10 y/o+    Lexi/Gomez
TU:      4:00 PM                    Krista
TU:      6:00 PM                    Steffi
TU:      8:00 PM – 10 y/o+   Brian
W:       5:00 PM                     Brian
W:       8:00 PM – 10 y/o+   Katelyn
TH:      4:00 PM                    Krista
TH:      6:00 PM                    Macie
TH:       8:00 PM – 10 y/o+   Katelyn

Learning Standing Back Handspring & Round Off Back Handspring

M:        5:00 PM                Marcie
M:        6:00 PM                Brian
M:        7:00 PM                Brian
M:  8:00 PM – 10 y/0+    Brian
TU:      4:00 PM                Ron
TU:      5:00 PM                Ron
TU:      6:00 PM                Krista/Macie
TU:      7:00 PM                Brian
TU:  8:00 PM – 10 y/0+  Michael
W:       4:00 PM                Michael
W:       7:00 PM                Sydney
W:  8:00 PM – 10 y/0+   Brian
TH:      4:00 PM                Ron
TH:      7:00 PM                Brian

Series Back Handspring Tumbling

M:        5:00 PM                    Ron
M:        8:00 PM 10 y/o+     Brian
TU:      5:00 PM                    Brian
TU:      7:00 PM                     Krista
TU:        8:00 PM 10 y/o+   Michael
W:       4:00 PM                     Corey/Ron
W:       7:00 PM                    Krista
TH:      5:00 PM                   Corey
TH:      6:00 PM                   Corey

Round Off BHS Tuck, Front Tuck

M:       4:00 PM                Ron/Corey
M:       5:00 PM                 Krista
M:       5:00 PM                 Krista/Marcie
M:        7:00 PM                Krista
TU:      5:00 PM                Krista
TU:      6:00 PM               Brian/Sydney
W:       5:00 PM                Ron
TH:     5:00 PM                Ron

Standing Tuck, Standing BHS Tuck

M:        4:00 PM                 Michael
M:        5:00 PM                Krista
M:        6:00 PM                Krista/Marcie
M:        7:00 PM                Krista
TU:      5:00 PM                Corey
TU:      6:00 PM                Brian
W:       5:00 PM                Ron
TH:      5:00 PM               Brian

Layouts & Standing Tucks

M:        4:00 PM                Brian    
M:        8:00 PM                Katelyn
TU:      6:00 PM                Marcie/Corey
TU:      7:00 PM                Michael
W:       7:00 PM                Brian
TH:     6:00 PM                Brian
TH:     7:00 PM                Michael/Corey
TH:     8:00 PM                Michael

Specialty Passes – Whips, Punch Front Through, etc.

M:        4:00 PM                Brian    
M:        8:00 PM                Katelyn
TU:      6:00 PM                Marcie/Corey
TU:      7:00 PM                Michael
W:       7:00 PM                Brian
TH:     6:00 PM                Brian
TH:     7:00 PM                Michael/Corey
TH:     8:00 PM                Michael

Twisting – Fulls, Doubles, Arabians, etc.

M:        4:00 PM                Brian    
M:        8:00 PM                Katelyn
TU:      6:00 PM                Marcie/Corey
TU:      7:00 PM                Michael
W:       7:00 PM                Brian
TH:     6:00 PM                Brian
TH:     7:00 PM                Michael/Corey
TH:     8:00 PM                Michael

Preschool Tumbling

Indiana Elite offers various options for little ones just getting started in sports.

Preschool Tumbling Classes operate on a month to month basis, meeting once a week for 45 minutes at a cost of $52 monthly. There is a $60 annual registration fee (per family) to be a member of the gym. Makeups for missed classes are not offered at this level.

Parent Participation (Walking to 2 yrs with Parent)
Parents join the children on the main floor and work with the coach on various stations. Classes are offered in the mornings in a quiet gym with minimal distractions.

Preschool Tumbling “Pound Puppies”(2-4 year olds)
Beginning level classes aimed at the little ones learning social skills, gross motor skills, coordination and supervised activity. Morning and evening classes are available. Classes are held upstairs away from the noise and distraction of the main gym. 

Walking  through 2 years old, male/female

TU      10:15 AM       KATELYN (not available June – August)

2-4 yr olds – male/female

TU:    10:15 AM    KRISTA (not available June – August)
W:      5:15 PM      BRE
W:      6:00 PM     BRE
TH:     5:15 PM      MEGHAN 
TH:     6:00 PM    MEGHAN

Join us for fun Fridays

Give us a call to sign up today!

  • 317.770.9100

Special Events

Indiana Elite offers a number of events open to the public throughout the year. Gym membership is not required for these options. They offer a chance to get familiar with tumbling and cheerleading without committing to a team or classes. Watch our Facebook page for announcements on dates as these events become available.

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