Cheerleading Programs

Indiana Elite offers noncompetitive and competitive cheer teams to children ranging in age from 4-18 years old. We have teams at all skill levels from beginners to elite. No experience is necessary to join a team! Most teams run year-round with a season running May – April. Our half-year team offerings have a season running October – April. Clinics are held each May for full-season team placements, but children can join a team at any time. We also offer a 12-week beginning cheer class program in January each year.


• Worlds Teams
• National Teams
• Regional Teams
• Local Teams
• Half Year Teams

Worlds Team

Our Worlds team travels regionally more than most of our teams in its quest to receive a Worlds bid. 

National Squads

National cheer squads, available for individuals in grades 3-12, attend competitions throughout the Midwest as well as one national championship in Disney World every other year. Our Seniors cheer teams attend UCA Nationals in Orlando every year. Practice for these squads is generally 4 hours per week during the summer with an additional 2 hour practice added during the school year. Most teams have one weekend and two weeknight practices each week during the school year. Additional practices are often called prior to competitions.

Regional Teams

Regional cheer squads are available for children in grades K-9. Minimal travel is required for participation in our regional teams as most, if not all, competitions attended are in Indiana. Practice for these teams comprises 4 hours per week split into two evenings. Weekend and/or additional practices may be required only during the school year. 

Local Teams

Local cheer squads are available for children in grades K-3. Minimal travel is required for local team members since nearly all competitions attended are in within a 2 hour radius of Indianapolis . Practice for these teams comprises 2.5 to 3 hours per week. Weekend and/or additional practices are very rarely required and would only occur during the school year.

Indiana Elite also offers an introductory noncompetitive cheer team, our TINY TERRIERS, for preschoolers through 1st graders. The team practices one evening per week for 1.5 hours in preparation for 4-5 local performances during the season.

For our very young cheerleaders, we offer a beginning cheer and tumbling class called our POUND PUPPIES for 2 to 4 year olds. This group focuses mainly on tumbling. 

Half Year Teams

Half year squads are available for children in grades PreK-12. Half year squads run from October through April. These teams do three exhibition performances, two at cheer competitions and one at our year-end showcase. This program is designed for children involved in several sports or those interested in trying cheer before making a full-season commitment.

Practice for these teams comprises 1 to 2 hours per week. Practices are focused solely on cheer, stunting and choreography. No time is spent to acquire new tumbling skills although any tumbling skills participants already have will be incorporated into the routine.

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